What is lymphoma, and does lymphoma come from leukemia?

Kissing cousins! When a blood cell starts growing out of control in the place where it is 'born', i.e. The blood factory or bone marrow, then it creates a leukemia. When the blood cell is born normally and then moves to the lymph nodes in the body (tonsils, appendix etc) to get educated to function well, but instead grows out of control at that point, then it is a lymphoma.
Lymphoma likely. Arises from a mutated cell in a lymph node, and the genetic changes are catelogued, many conveying prognosis. Most leukemias have similar causes, but affect the blood forming cells in the bone marrow rather than lymph nodes. Lymphomas can migrate to marrow crowding out normal blood forming elements. Only cll and lymphoma are linked.
Lymphoma and leuk. Lymphoma is a cancer of lymphatic organ. ( lymph nodes, lymphocytes)- presented with lymph nodes enlargement most of the times. While leukemia is a cancer of white blood cells, presented circulating cancer cells on peripheral blood lymphoma can become leukemia eg.In small lymphocytic lymphoma when the cancer cells are contained in lymph node and a cll when cancer cells circulate in blood.