My doctor said he might use propofol during the colonoscopy. Isn't that the stuff that michael jackson took?

Yes. And if he was having a colonoscopy i would use that on him too. But he is no longer alive because he was taking that drug for the wrong reasons and most importantly he was not monitored properly by an anesthesiologist.
Yes but. You will be monitored during the procedure- it is a safe and effective drug when used properly by people who know to use it properly.
Very safe. The safety behind the use of Propofol is directly related to the training and skill of the individual administering it. As well as there expertise in dealing with and possible side effects. That person is an anesthesiologist or someone highly trained in the delivery of sedation. Know one else should ever administer this medication.
One difference. The difference is that mr. Jackson wa not being monitored while he received the drug. You will be monitored and observed during and after your colonoscopy.
Propofol. Is a very potent drug that has an excellent recovery profile. A dedicated anesthesiologist should be the only one to administer it to you while a different doctor performs your colonoscopy.
Yes. If administered by a competent physician in a monitored setting this is a safe drug. I have not met a single licensed physician who felt that the Propofol use in michael jackson's case was standard of care.
Yes, BUT Read on. Propofol is an excellent anesthetic agent that works quickly and gets out of your system quickly. When used in the appropriate clinical setting with appropriate monitoring it is a fine product. Propofol could be used as a sedative for a colonoscopy. Ekg, blood pressure and oxygen level monitoring are generally thought mandatory during the use of such agents.