Are sinus infections common in people with allergies? How do you know your allergies have turned into an infection?

Secretions. The main difference between allergies and sinus infections is thick, green secretions every time you blow your nose - this typically doesn't occur with allergies. Extreme sinus pressure is also more likely a sign of an infection rather than allergies. Also, allergies never cause a fever.
Allergy & Sinusitis. People with allergies are more prone to sinus infections, particularly when allergies are not under control. Inflammation of the nasal lining from allergies, close off the drainage pathways of the sinuses so they are not able to drain. This, combined with a viral upper respiratory tract infection provides the ideal environment for a bacterial infection to take hold.

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I had 4 sinus infections in a month 1/2 I waa told it was because I had allergies that I didn't know I had. Can allergies cause sinus infections?

In a way. Allergies cause sinus and nasal mucus production, as well as swelling of the lining of the nose and sinuses. Since the openings into the sinuses are pretty small to begin with, swelling+drainage+any bacteria that got into a sinus=sinus infection. Work with your doctor to get your allergies under control, and your rate of sinus infections should drop. Feel better!
It can be a factor. 4 sinus infections in 6 weeks may actually be one infection that was difficult to clear up. Allergies can be an underlying factor, but not the actual cause. Having a consult with an allergist sounds like a good idea to help you figure out what is going on.
Can do. See ENT too. Allergies can get passages inflamed, can't drain as well, get infected. Can also lead to nasal (inflammatory) polyps which increase risk for infections too. Get a good ENT evaluation to rule out anatomical predisposing porblems. Allergist can be good idea too.

Can allergies cause sinus infections and migraines?

Stuffy nose. With chronic sinus congestion, pressure changes in sinuses causes severe headaches sometimes. Relieve allergic rhinitis, clean out sinuses, do those nasal irrigations, take your allergy medicines, and your headaches will subside. Go on a plane or dive with sinus congestion and you will be in trouble from the change in pressure.

Can you get sinus infections & migraines from allergies?

Yes. Allergens can produce migaines. Also, the introduction of an allergen can produce swelling of the nasal passages and the openings from the nasal passages to your paranasal sinuses producing a sinus infection.
Possibly. Certainly, allergies can trigger a sinus infection, especially if the allergies are not well controlled. In general, migraineurs are sensitive to just about anything that alters their routine. That could be lack of sleep, stress, dietary changes, dehydration, and many other things. So, if allergies flare and are not well managed, they could be a migraine trigger.

Wanted to know if allergies cause sinus infections and migraines?

Indirectly. Allergies aren't the cause of sinus infection and migraines, per say. However, allergies can be a trigger for some people with migraines. Allergies can also contribute to sinus infections. The inflammation caused by allergies can be a set up for migraines.

Hey I have had edema in my cheeks for 2 months, I don't have any signs of a cold or sinus infections or allergies. No illness that I know of.?

See doctor. If the "edema" has been present for over 2 months uninterrupted, it is not from an allergy. If it is from an infection, it would like have spread enough to make you quite ill. Thus you will need to get this examined to determine first if it is indeed an edema and proceed from there.

I have had sinus infections since thanksgiving. I had surgery, been tested for allergies, no allergies. They still persist. What is the next step?

Chronic sinusitis. You need to be managed under the care of an ENT, esp after sinus surgery, who can examine for scarring, crusting, or altered nasal anatomy that can add to the problem. You also need to be on a "nasal toilet" regimen, not unlike asthmatics, with regular daily nasal irrigations with saline solution, mucus thinners (guaifenesin) with adequate hydration, and nasal steroid sprays even w/o allergy.

I have had sinus infections since thanksgiving, had CT scan, and was tested for allergies. Everything was normal. Why do they keep coming back?

Sinus infection. Depends, you say you had a ct scan and it was normal. If you had a ct of the sinuses that showed no infection then you do not have a sinus infection. Possibly you have recurrent viral infections which cause nasal and respiratory symptoms. It is not unusual to have one or more viral infections per month in winter. Perhaps you are prone to these due to exposures at home or work or to children.