45y, f having rapid heartbeat and high BP sometimes, diagnosis unstable angina II b, in angiography test having mild coronary artery disease. Need advise?

Medical treatment . Without significant blockages on catheterization you would fall into a category of medical treatment for your heart problem. This means medication, exercise, weight loss, smoking cessation, diabetes control, high cholesterol treatment, etc.
Coronary artery . Medical therapy, risk factor modification, and close surveillance by your physician(s) is indicated if only mild coronary disease is present.

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Pectoris atherosclerosis congestive heart failure coronary artery disease dilate hypertension myocardial angina pectoris, what are these?

Cv words. These all refer to cardiovascular particulars. Pectoris = Chest. Atherosclerosis = vascular wall scarring from cholesterol deposit. Coronary artery disease = narrowing and atherosclerosis of heart arteries. Dilate = expand diameter. Hypertension = high blood pressure (within arterial network). Myocardial = heart. Angina pectoris = pain of chest from coronary artery disease, lack of oxygen to heart. Read more...