What is aids nowadays that people don't seem to die from it anymore? I remember the 1980's.

Still serious. Aids is still the same disease, but there are better meds to keep it under control. People who are hiv+ without full-blown aids can be asymptomatic. However, we are seeing more long-term problems: new cancers from the depressed immune system, kidney problems, etc. This is still a terrible disease, and we can't stop being vigilant in terms of education and preventive measures, exp. Safe sex.
Still here. Medications have improved so that it is now a chronic disease. If people don't take them, then they can rapidly decompensate and maybe end up with drug-resistant strains of virus. Best treatment is still prevention. Long-term side-effects of the meds are now appearing like high blood lipids, among others.
A bad disease. Hiv infection is quite manageable in most individuals today due to combinations of antiretroviral medicines which help to control the disease. Some of these medicines, however, have significant side-effects, may be difficult to tolerate and are expensive. In 1986 i was losing a patient a week. Last three years saw only three deaths, generally in people not compliant with medications.