Do vegans have a lot fewer cases of colon cancer than meat eaters? If so, how much fewer?

Maybe higher. Studies of cancer and diet are famously inconsistent. What I can tell you is that the old claim that meat-eating is the cause of colon cancer has been discredited by a series of studies over two decades. Here's an important study with results that may not be the final word, but showed vegetarians with MORE colon cancer. <a href="" rel="nofollow" t.
While I do not. Know the specifics to your question, religious groups that do not eat meat. Like the 7th day adventists, have remarkably lower frequency of bowel cancers...Fairly strong inference that the meat contributes to these cancers. Other disease, like heart disease is also less. Don't have the statistics, nor an estimate of safe amounts, or risk of pork, chicken, beef, fish or eggs.
Yes. Vegetarian and vegans usually have diets higher in fiber with less carcinogens or toxins than meat eaters. Therefore, there is less colon carcinoma. The hunzas (himalayas) eat a nearly exclusive vegetarian diet and have almost no colon carcinoma; seventh-day adventists also have a low incidence of colon carcinoma and are vegetarian. <20% risk is usually quoted.

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Please answer! What kind of meat should I eat to avoid colon cancer?

Not the answer. Some other folks here may disagree, but my reading of the good studies from the last two decades suggests to me that there's little connection between diet and colon cancer. A high-roughage diet is sensible, and ask your physician about Aspirin prophylaxis. If truly concerned, colonoscopy as appropriate for your family history. Read more...