If you never smoked anything, is there any chance of getting copd?

Small. About 5-10 % of cases of COPD are not linked to smoking. The bulk of these have poorly controlled asthma, in which the asthma which is mostly reversible begins to leave behind a degree of "fixed" airway obstruction.
Yes. If your spouse smoked daily and you lived in a small space/home with them. May also be exposed to many irritants during job exposure if working in a factory.
Yes... There are types of COPD that can occur in non-smokers, like alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency, which is an enzyme deficiency that leads to a type of emphysema, a form of copd. These patients can be treated with enzyme replacement therapy. They often develop COPD at a younger age and if they do smoke, this disease is more severe. It is diagnosed via a blood test.