Which benefits have you received from mental health counseling?

Many. As a psychiatrist I have been a consumer of mental health services for about 20 or more years. Therapy has taught me how to deal with major life stressors, deal with mental issues in the family., how to cope with loss and adversity, and the critical omportance of listening empathic ally. It has given me greater in sites into what to do in therapy than my actual training program could.
Counseling. Most important & has long-lasting effect, is the feedback i get from patients who benefited from my help in the past, & are now in recovery, & have either moved on, or are grown up & functioning in society.
TRY IT. Therapy/clinical or counseling psychology and psychiatry is all about finding oneself, improving mental health and interpersonal relationships; these are the main things dealt with every day in mental health clinics. All I can say is try it. Find a reputable psychotherapist nearby and make an appointment.