86y/o, smoker with CEA 72.5 its my grandpa, should I be concerned about that, what r the pprobability it is cancer I read for malignant above 10? = (

It is not normal. An 86 yo man , smoker with elevated cea does not sound very good to me. Cea could be elevated in a smoker but 72.5 can't be explained by being a smoker alone. Off course, cea can be elevated in different setting as well. I am particularly, however, concern about colon cancer/gi cancer and lung cancer. Any colonsocopy or cxr or ct chest recently? Any other symptom? See md and need to get checked!
Full story? A physician will not order a cea except on suspicion that a cancer is already present. With a high value like this, i suspect it is and your granddad's physician alreay knows where it is, and granddad may not be talling to spare you the grief. Do not press the issue with him, but live each day him as one you would treasure. Cancer or no, he won't be around forever. Best wishes.