I have symptoms of a flu, I had a fever it stopped....Have a terrible bronchitis like cough headache and this morning terrible terrible nose bleed?

Get to your doctor. If nose bleed is profuse needs to go to er. It sounds like you have a flu or viral infection which usually is self limiting. If symptoms do not get better, may be in three days, seek help.

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I have the flu/bronchitis and I have severe cough headache pressure and nosebleeds is this normal and nothing I take helps the cough?

Similar symptoms. When you have flu/bronchitis,you can get your sinus cavities filled up with fluid and get sinusitis along with it. The location of the sinuses would determine where your headache pain is. Post nasal drip can be causing a cough and irritation to the thin mucous membranes (especially if you are using a nasal spray or allergy medicine can) cause your nose to bleed. You may need a prescription med. Read more...