What causes unilateral lower leg muscle weakness and atrophy?

Nerve damage. If you have unilateral muscle weakness and atrophy there has to be an injury or impingement of the nerve which innervates that part of your leg. A demyelinating process such as MS may also lead to muscle atrophy and weakness unilaterally. Other causes may be trauma to that muscle, prolonged immobilization in a cast, or not weight bearing on the leg can lead to loss of strength and muscle mass.
1leg weakness. The most common cause of weakness and atrophy in 1 leg would be a chronic herniated disk in the spine, which has gone on long enough to damage the nerve. If so, this would be an indicated for surgery. Other spinal cord lesions could do it also--tumor, clot, infection, vascular malformation. How long has it been going on? Was there any pain? Any tingling? Any other symptoms?

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My daughter 4 yrs old still had muscle weakness, atrophy, hyperreflex, positive babinski reflex affected only left leg.?

Neurologist. Not sure what workup has been done, and what diagnoses have been made, but i would highly suggest getting a neurologist involved to investigate. This constellation of symptoms suggests an issue at the spinal cord level, or a nerve degeneration issue, and requires immediate evaluation. Read more...

Can a compressed nerve in the back cause you to have muscle weakness and wasting in your upper body and lower body. Arms and legs muscle.

Nerve Compression. Nerve compression can cause weakness and muscle wasting in the extremities. The nerves coming out of your neck go down the arm. The nerves coming out of the back go down your legs. If there is wasting in both the arms and the legs, their is likely a problem with both back and neck. See your chiropractor, for spine manipulation and rehabilitation. Read more...