I have hypertension for the last 11 yrs but it had been under control with medication. Bit all of a sudden I'm getting readings of 158/109. Any sol?

Consider... Be sure you're resting 10-15 minutes when you measure . Avoid salt and licorice. Be sure your meds are fresh - is there a new supplier or appearance? Fluctuations are normal. If the average is remaining elevated, have your doc check your kidney function (blood and urine sample). It may be time to change meds or add one. Are you o/w well? Illness or discomfort will raise your BP normally.
OTC meds. Certian otc meds, like sudafed, can cause transient elevations in BP & should be avoided. Other things that could be causing your problem could be increased salt intake, a problem with your current meds, a kidney problem, or that your BP is simply getting worse as you get older. You need to see your dr & get checked.