Hello doctors, is the red spots what left from the acne, if that is right how can I remove it.?

Timing. If these are shortly after acne, i would use sunblock to minimize their becoming worse. In some instances long established redness can be treated with lasers. Discuss with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.
IPL. If these are red spots that have been there for months or years, then ipl (intense pulsed light) treatment is a good way to make them less red without downtime. V beam laser also works.
Optional Treatments. The red spots are from the extra blood flow in area healing from acne infection. They will gradual reduce in time. Can use silicone gel sheets, ipl laser, and strict sun protection for all areas involved. Do not use irritating chemicals, will prolong.
Time. Red spots are immature scar.Over aperiod of time this will fade and normal skin color will come , provided you do not continuosly pick these places and irritate them.The depth of the acne and amount of inflammation will also determine the resultant scar.

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Hello doctors I have acne scars and red spots I need help please.?

Acne scars. This is best addressed by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon, as there are a whole host of options to help reverse skin damage. Read more...
Silicone, sun, laser. Silicone gel may help as well as avoidance of sun and tobacco use. Laser or ipl may help but are not definitive and may require a trial. Minimizing inflammation to prevent hyperpigmentation with steroids or salicylic acid may help for some but should be prescribed by your dermatologist. Read more...