How can I stop leg and feet cramps.?

Find. The cause. Go to your dr. They can evaluate this and come up with a plan.
There are a few. Different reasons this can occur. You can try having a banana a day, magnesium supplements if it persists see a doctor. Certain medications like cholesterol lowering meds can cause this as your body gets depleted of coenzyme q 10. So, if your on one of those yo can supplement with that vitamin as well. I would also check to see if your flatfooted.
Minerals. Often the cause of leg and feet cramps is a mineral deficiency, such as magnesium, potassium or calcium. Taking too much calcium can cause cramps too as calcium can block the uptake of magnesium.

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I am active and 44yrs old but have been having leg and feet cramps. How can I help to stop it.?

Find out why. Need to find out why you have "cramps" in lower extremities, poor circulation may cause claudication ( sometimes defined by patients as cramps in legs when walking), you need to see your doctor for further evaluation. Read more...
Few things . That are common treatments for cramps: make sure well hydrated, magnesium supplements can help and or make sure potassium levels are good. You can try eating a banana or two. If no improvement from the above, i would see my internist. Read more...