Is breastfeeding safe with ibuprofen?

Not recommended. Although adverse events have not been reported in nursing infants, there is still potential for such, because small amounts of Ibuprofen enter the milk. The manufacturer of Ibuprofen does not recommend its use while breast-feeding.
Yes. Ibuprophen is not used at therapuetic doses for babies untill they reach 6mo but so little transferred in bm that it is considered compadible.
Yes. According to one of our best references "drugs in pregnancy and lactation" by briggs et al, "ibuprofen does not enter breast milk in significant quantities." and "the american academy of pediatrics considers Ibuprofen to be compatible with breast feeding".

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Hi. My wife is breastfeeding. Is it safe for her her to take Ibuprofen when she has a fever? Thank you.

Ibuprofen. levels in breast milk are exceedingly low, and this medication is frequently prescribed for pain or fever relief in nursing mothers. Acetominophen (Tylenol) is another option. Read more...

I stopped my sotalol 40 mg 1x daily 48 hrs ago, is it safe to start breastfeeding my 2 week old? I am still taking Advil (ibuprofen) and hydrocodone for recovery

Yes. With a half life of 12 hours, the residual med in your system has dropped to about 1/16 of the treatment level and at that point little is able to cross over into the milk. The hydrocodone may be a problem. Maternal doses of more than 30mg/day have produced sedation and lack of breathing in infants.Ibuprofen during breast feeding is quite safe at normal doses. Read more...

I just started breastfeeding today but I've been taking advil (ibuprofen) of 400 mg every six hours and I was wondering is it bad for my baby and what can happen?

Not bad. In general it is not bad for the baby, but why every six hours are you recovering from C section or had surgery, or pain from the vaginal delivery. If that is the case make sure your doctor knows you are having so much pain may be they will give you something different or at least assured you that what you are doing is OK. Read more...