My daughter still has the lymph nodes of the left side of her neck very swollen, and the lump of the front of the ear big, CT scan was done but no ans?

Lymph node rxns. The lymph nodes typicly swell in response to a stimulation derived from germs, bites or irritation of the skin (or throat)in their region. In most kids thease are benign, with gradual enlargement for 1-3wks. Those in the neck are superficial & obvious.Some require abx to clear infection, failure to shrink after 3wks may require addl workup.Clarify issues with your dr.
Abnormal lymph nodes. Most lymph nodes are enlarged because they are reacting to a recent infection. If they are less than 3/4 inch in size, and are not changing, do not worry. Abnormal lymph nodes of concern would include ones that are painful, ones that are progressively getting larger rapidly, or rapidly increasing in number. If this is the case, see your doctor again. Lymph node biopsy might be considered.