Why do I have joint pain?

Too general. Sorry, this is way too general a question...Even with specifics including your age, medical history, family history, work history, and additional answers the possible causes are many, many things...Please see your doctor to discuss your concerns! this would be like ordering pants for someone and not knowing the gender, age or size!
A long list. Joints hurt from overuse, trauma, arthritis, wearing out, infection, drug side effects, vascular occlusion and malignancy. Some of these are acute and need immediate evaluation; some are chronic and need to be followed with your family doctor. A few require specialty care from a rheumatologist or orthopod. Let you family doc steer you in the right direction.

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Why do I have joint pain all the time in all different parts?

Depends. Many possibilities and too many factors need to be considered in order to properly answer your question. You need seen, examined and evaluated. Read more...

Why do I have joint pain and headache, is it because of dehydration and stress?

Partially Sometimes. Headache is usually caused by a shortage of blood flowing through the blood vessels in the brain and the brain is being starved for nutrician thereby the brain is telling you by pain that it needs more blood flow. Need consultation to determine why this is happening to you. Read more...