What can ne done for tinnitus?

Tinnitus. There is no cure for tinnitus--a sense of ringing or pulsing in the ear, which is often most bothersome at night. The standard approach to management has been to use a sound "masking" device, which basically just makes a low level kind of "white noise" that distracts you from the sound in your ear.
Difficult to get rid. Tinnitus is a buzzing sensation coming from the ear. First you need to rule out any external ear problem such as wax, bacterial or fungal infection etc. If it not, then the problem can be with inner ear. You may have to see an ENT specialist for this. Generally it is difficult to control.
Individual. Tinnitus is most commonly a consequence of damage to the inner ear. This can occur with noise exposure, certain medications or the aging process among other things. Sometimes, salt, caffeine, anti-inflammatory drugs, or stress can worsen tinnitus. See your doctor to rule out serious causes, reduce factors that may worsen the tinnitus and protect your ears in the future.
Caused by betablocke. If you are on beta blocker - it is notorious for causing hearing loss and tinnitus. You need to find the medications you are on and even if you stop the beta blocker it takes few months to get rid of tinnitus. The other causes could be aspirin, brain tumors, damage to inner ear. I have used anti-oxidants like astaxanthin, diosmin, hisperidine, cat's claw with good results on patients.