What are the initial symptoms of HIV and what is the minimum window in which it can be detected after unprotected encounter with opposite or same sex?

Flu-like. The initial symptoms of HIV may be very nonspecific, such as flu-like symptoms; muscle aches, fatigue, low-grade fever, lymphadenopathy. The minimum window for detecting HIV is about one month, however, seronegative patients who are suspicious of exposure to HIV should be retested after 3-6 months due to possible later seroconversion. Be safe. Practice safe sex, use condoms!
HIV DNA by PCR. When hospital workers are stuck with needles contaminated by HIV positive patients, they get a blood test called HIV dna by pcr which can tell if you have been infected within the last week. Antibody tests take up to 6 months to turn positive after HIV exposure. The HIV dna by pcr test is available at stdtestexpress.Com.