I have treated my self with permethrin cream and I still can't get rid of scabies what should I do? I have also done two treatments I still have it

Scabies Treatment. First of all I have to ask you, have you been diagnosed by a phycisian if you have scabies and secondly did the doctor advised you how touse permethrine cream.I f you have medically diagnosed scabies and you have been using the permethrine cream properly then chances with two treatments are that scabies has been cured.The itching symptoms can persist for a while and need to be treated with anti itc.
What treatment. Using the 1% cream we use to treat head lice will not kill scabies. The 5% cream will kill it & some docs use 2 treatments a week apart to get all the bugs. The intense itching and rash is actually a skin allergy to the poop the bug leaves in its burrows. This rash can last for 6 weeks or so after all the bugs are dead.

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If 5% permethrin cream has not worked 4x/6 wks, what is the next step to get rid of possible scabies. Env & fam treated. Treatment was done correctly.

Scabies. Permethrin treatment needs to be repeated one week after the initial treatment. There are oral treatments for scabies, like ivermectin. However, the itch of scabies can last up to 6 weeks after proper treatment. As long as you are not seeing new lesions, the scabies is treated and the itch will eventually resolve. A cortisone cream can help with itching but not on days using permethrin. Read more...
See your doctor . Or health dept. A prescription medicine (lindane)may help if not resolved, but must be used correctly bc of risk of seizures. Read more...