I have sleep delay. No matter how try hard or how tired or how lack of sleep I only can go fall sleep in the morming like 5 am. Often sleep shallow?

Invesigation needed. It sounds like thereis a reason for your sleep pattern. 1- caffeine intake 2-redbull or other "energizers" 3- daytime naps 4- lack of exrcise 5- medications which may affect your sleep 6- anxiety disorder 7- previous work in graveyard shift etc.... As you see - many causes need to be ruled out best way to sift through your problems - see your doctor and get help. Insomnia.
Sleep hygiene. You may want to lower the light earlier at night, reduce distraction such as tv, computers/games, or late exercises etc...Avoid caffinated drinks/products after 3pm etc...Also, get up earlier in am and don't nap. Meditation before bed. This may take several days to work for you, but should help. Melatonin (otc) may also help in this situation. If all fail, consult your doc. Best of luck.