3 months after full arm cast my ortho change cast hand to near elbow is it ok allow movement on bayonet apposition? So to build callus?

See below. I believe you're referring to a humerus fracture . If you've been in a cast for three months i would be concerned your elbows getting severely stiff, if your fracture isn't healing at this point you may consider surgery i would speak to your orthopedic surgeon.

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3 months now my treating physician change arm cast palm until near elbow to allow movement is it okay on the bayonet apposition to allow movement?

@ 24 U=adult. . I would have not accepted this position, but would have plated it especially if it was the ulna. U will not have the remodeling ability as a child. I would expect some loss of function with that position in an adult. B sure u r cing an ortho guy. Read more...