Itchy hair even after using shampoo? Lice? Ringworm?

Long list. Itchy hair can be caused by dry scalp, seborrhea, irritants (hair products/treatments), skin infections (can be ringworm, lice, scabies), insect bites, skin disorders (psoriasis or eczema, for example)... The list is long, so it is best to have your gp or a dermatologist check it out.
Itchy hair. It could be your scalp is dry. Use a moisturizing conditioner to add moisture back to the scalp. That should help. Ringworm would be very unlikely. Lice would also be unlikely unless you have had a known exposure.

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My head has been itchy for a couple weeks I went without product in my hair and tried different shampoo nothing helps and its not lice.

Itchy scalp. You may have seborrhoic dermatitis or the beginning of psoriasis of the scalp.There are other conditions that can also cause problems so it best to see a dermatologist to see what's causing the problem. Read more...

I got this itchiness on head for week olredi. And I had few lice taken out. Could shampoos cause that? What to do? I'm working.

Polyp. what you have in the tweezer is a polyp or lipoma it contains either sebacious material or fat no this is not caused by lice or its shampoo it should not hurt you unless the comb or brush causes it to bleed and then it should be checked and removed. Read more...