What exactly does borderline kidney failure mean? & what can be done to keep them to get worse? Is ther e something im doing causing them to fail?

Kidney failure? Two things that can lead to kidney failure (esrd) are poorly controlled hypertension and diabetes. If you have those problems make sure you have your BP well controlled and if you are diabetic, make sure you are under the care of an endocrinologist. See a nephrologist (n) and have a 24 hour urine collection to get your actual kidney function determined. After that the n can discuss your prognosis.
Good health. Kidney disease often results from hypertension, diabetes, hi cholesterol, but can be related to less common illnesses like lupus as well. The best approach to lessening your chance of decline is to manage your BP and sugars. Borderline probably means stage 1 or 2 disease. The stage is determined by age, blood tests and body weight. Seeing a nephrologist is a good idea as well to.