What is paralysis?

Unable to move. As a general term, it means that nerves and muscles aren't working, and it isn't possible to move. If the spinal cord has been injured, paralysis may be permanent and irreversible. When patients are under anesthesia, certain medications may be used to relax muscles to the point that they are temporarily paralyzed. At the end of surgery, this is reversed and movement returns to normal again.
Loss of muscle func. Paralysis is the loss of motor, or muscle, function. This may be medically induced, such as general anesthesia, or may be due to injury, such as a fracture to the neck or spine. Lastly, there are some toxins or poisons that can cause respiratory paralysis.
Inability to move. Multiple causes. Can be due to nervous system problem like stroke, spinal cord injury, ms. Can be due to muscle weakness like muscular dystrophy or curare-like meds given under anesthesia. Can be spastic (muscle tightness) due to cerebral palsy or certain meds. Nerve paralysis can lead to muscle weakness and spasticity. Should find cause and address accordingly with meds and/or physical therapy.

Related Questions

What causes paralysis on the left side of the body when its not a stroke?

Hemiparesis caused. Partial paralysis on one side of body is called hemiparesis it can be caused by migraine, head trauma, muscular dystrophy. Brain tumours and stroke as well sometimes.

What is paralysis of the brain?

Have no clue. This is not a medical diagnosis or an accepted neurological condition.

What's spastic paralysis?

CEREBRAL PALSY. Spastic paralysis is due to a group of conditions that involves nervous sustem and hypertonicity in the muscles of extremities also called cerebral palsy. Condition is caused by injury and abnormalities in the brain. These happen in the womb or in first two years of life. It may be due to lack of oxygen going to brain. Bleeding in the brain, brain infections, head injury, maternal rubella& sever jaund.

What is paralysis plexus brachialis? How can it be healed?

Let me clarify. Are you asking about problems with the brachial plexus. There are many post-traumatic injuries including avulsion of nerve roots. If plexus is pathologically compressed, one could consider surgical decompression. Since the real question is extent and cause of problem, therapy differs. Would a Concierge visit provide adequate direction?

Can anyone tell me what is paralysis agitans?

Parkinson's disease. 'paralysis' - latin for palsy or muscle weakness; 'agitans' = shaky; this expression use started about 1817. Today it is called Parkinson's disease, or if just the symptoms of this disease 'parkinsonism'. Disease is characterized by a non-intention tremor and the hallmark of the disease is an slowing of all movements, called bradykinesis (brady = slow, kinesis=motion).

What can cause paralysis in a child?

Paralysis. Trauma, infection, neurologic disease, mitochondrial disorders and masses are a few considerations.

Erb's paralysis is what kind of paralysis?

We see it in newborn. Watch http://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=b68jtv0-teo to learn a little more.
Erb palsy. Erb's palsy is an injury that typically occurs at birth and involves the nerves of the brachial plexus in the shoulder region. The injury is manifested with weakness in the shoulder and upper arm with the hand and wrist usually working normally.

What is hemiplegia paralysis?

Half body weak. Hemiplegia means half the body. Paralysis means inability to move. Following a stroke a person may be paralysed on only one half of the body. Any damage to one side of the brain can result in paralysis of the opposite side of the body.
Hemiplegia. Heniplegia is the loss of function on one side of the body. This usually occurs after a stroke or trauma to the opposite side of the brain although some spine injuries can affect one side. Paralysis refers to weakness (paresis) to complete loss of function (plegia).

What is sleep paralysis?

See a doctor. Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon in which people, either when falling asleep or wakening, temporarily experience an inability to move. Not real common, but a dr. Should be consulted.
Disrupted REM= SP. Sleep paralysis occurs at least once in 40-50% of normal individuals. Sp consists of the inability to perform motor function at sleep onset. Sp lasts 1 to a few minutes and it may be aborted spontaneously by external stimulation or when a patient performs vigorous eye movements. Precipitating factors include sleep deprivation and disturbances of s-w cycle.
Sleep Paralysis. Sleep researchers conclude that, in most cases, sleep paralysis is simply a sign that your body is not moving smoothly through the stages of sleep. Rarely is sleep paralysis linked to deep underlying psychiatric problems. Http://www. Webmd. Com/sleep-disorders/guide/sleep-paralysis#1.