Can cinnamon make asthma symptoms worse?

Possbly. Allergic reactions and anaphylaxis to a variety of spices have been reported and usually affect adults. In a french study, allergy to spices was estimated to account for approximately 2 percent of adults with food allergic reactions, and was rare in children. If you have asthma symptoms with cinnamon then i would avoid this spice.
It shouldn't, but. Many who work with herbal or natural treatments say it benefits asthma - often in a mixture with local honey. But. Individual sensitivities could make that meaningless. If you're allergic to it - it's another story. If you're anxious about it, your symptoms can get worse just like other anxiety sources. Work with your body and your doctors to find the best supports. Learn proper breathing skills!
No. Unless you are allergic to it or inhale it. Cinnamon allergy is extremely rare if present at all.