Is there anything I can do at home for vericose vein pain?

Yes, . The conservative treatment ( see www.Gorenveincenter.Com) consists of leg elevation ( ankle higher than the level of the heart) and knee level compression stockings during the day. If overweight try to lose weight and walk a lot. Shower in the evenings only! se the above website, all is there for u to read!
Home Remedies. No home remedies can cure varicose veins; they can only ease down the pain of varicose veins. However you can try these tips to help; balanced diet, fiber rich food, exercise, avoid sitting or standing for long periods of time, avoid wearing tight fitted clothes from waist, groin, or legs and avoid high heels.
Compression. Compression socks or stockings can help. There are different levels of compression, some requiring pres ription. In addition oral otc such as venous tat may give you some relief. However if is that uncomfortable consider being evaluated by vascular surgeon re laser surgery for removal of varicose vein.
Support hose. These help fight gravity, but you should see a vascular docotr amd get fitted for a prescription pair if needed, and discuss other options.