Have tightness in vagina and bottom. Breast pain. Bloating. Lower abdominal cramps. Period aug 14. Neg pregnancy test. What i'd the cause?

Progesterone. I an not an expert in this but from what i recall progeterone and release of prostaglandins can cause these symptoms try some Motrin and see your obgyn may be for low dose diuretics and other causes.

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After sex 8 weeks ago I took the morning after pill 48 hours later. I've had 2 periods and a negative pregnancy test I have breast pain could I be preg?

Unlikely. If you had two periods after sex and the test was negative at more than three weeks after sex, you are not pregnant. If you do not wish to be pregnant, use contraception all the time, every time, You may consider implanted contraceptive. Practice safe sex. Get HPV vaccine. Read more...