This doesn't happen every morning but on some mornings when I get ready to spit out mucus its mixed with a small amount of blood I haven't been coughing?

Get it checked. Blood from any body site is a danger signal and should be checked. However in your case it may be from inflamed nasal passages with post nasal drip, inflamed gumbs, inflamed tonsils etc but you would most likely have symptoms. This is definitely something you should discuss with your doctor. Please get checked by your physician!
See doctor... You need to be examined by your doctor to determine where the blood is coming from; either your lungs or nasal passages. The treatment is different for both so you need to be diagnosed so effective treatment can be rendered. If you smoke, you need to quit to decrease inflammation or these symptoms could worsen. Good luck!
Blood-tinged sputum. The most likely cause of having blood-tinged sputum, not associated with a cough, is the presence of a ruptured blood vessel in either the throat or nasal cavity. Although the cause is likely benign, a thorough work up should be performed by an otolaryngologist (ent doctor) to identify the source and etiology of bleeding.