Male, 31 yr old. Had an enlarged uvula (3 times long than normal) for 2 years. Its not threatening but wonder is there a way to make it back to normal?

Surgery. If it in such length for 2 years now, highly unlikely it will go back to normal. I don't know of any medication available for shortening your uvula. Since it is not medically bothering, i would leave it alone, but seems to cause you some cosmetic concerns. Consult with and ENT doc for help...I don't think snipping/shortening the uvula is a major surgery. Best of luck.
See below. This usually occurs for two reasons, snoring and/or trying to clear a sensation of post nasal drainage by "sucking" on the uvula so to speak. If you snore, this should be addressed with your ent, if not, stop clearing your throat, try a short coarse of steroids, and sleep in a recliner with your head elevated for a few nights. If that doesn't work, have the uvula shortened. Low risk, but painful.