Doc said I have viral pharyngitis can this cause swollen lymph node near ear to burn? Sometimes the node is. In flamed and sonetimes not.

Yes. Our lymphatic system helps to drain infectious material and waste from different areas of the body. A lymph node can become enlarged & sore when this occurs. Here is a good site to learn more about the lymph nodes in that area & what they drain: http://quizlet.Com/324818/neck-and-lymph-nodes-flash-cards/.

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I have pharyngitis and bronchitis and chronic sinusitis and I have swollen lymph nodes is my neck and groin is that bad?

? Viral infection. you should see your doctor to be evaluated and have CBC, EBV ,CMV test and if negative and nodes are growing bigger then you should have biopsy. Read more...

I've had a swollen lymph node and pharyngitis for three months. I'm on my third set of antibiotics (the 2nd set reduced swelling). What could this be?

Need 2nd opinion. There are several medical problems that can cause swollen lymph nodes & pharyngitis, too many to list here. If your physician has not explained the differential diagnosis possible ask for a referral to an Ear,Nose & Throat specialist for a second opinion. Read more...