Confirmed first rib injury with brachial plexus involvement. Nerve root C5 and C6 injured at brachial plexus near first rib. Chances of healing?

Brachial plexus . Depends on the length of time since the injury and the extent of the injury. If it involves the insulation of the nerves (myelin) recovery is 3 weeks to 3 months if no further injury. If the wires themselves (axons) are injured it depends on how bad they are injured. Can take 6-12 months if not injured past point of ability to repair.
Nerve injury. The answer depends entirely on the type of injury to the nerve. If the outer sheath of the nerve was damage, recovery could be as quick as 2-3 months. If the axon of the nerve was cut completely, there will be no recovery. If the axon was partially damaged, it depends on the percent of fibers that remain. Recovery in this instance can take up to two years. An EMG test can give you prognosis.

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