I have a vertebral compression fracture, what other surgeries, other than balloon kyphoplasty, is there that could help relieve nerve compression?

Serious. Most compression fractures do not require a surgical intervention for associated nerve compression. If there is serious canal compromise, then a fusion performed either with a corpectomy or laminectomy would be recommended. Of course, there are cases where a kyphoplasty is combined with fusion/laminectomy depending on the best needs of the patient.
Several Choices. You can get either kyphoplasty or vertebroplasty to relieve an osteoporotic compression fracture. If there is collapse and deformity you may require an open procedure, however the risks are quite high for such an operation. Non-operative treatments including Forteo may helpful to strengthen the bones but will not relieve neural compression.
Kyphoplasty BEST. Spine MRI is the best imaging study to check for acute fracture and 'nerve compression'. Kyphoplasty is the least invasive procedure to relieve pain of compression fractures. An open procedure may be needed to relieve 'nerve compression' so it is best to see a neurosurgeon or spine-orthopedics doctor to get correct procedure.
Vertebroplasty. Since restoration of vertebral height has not demonstrated added benefit, if you are an appropriate candidate for kyphoplasty, you are also an appropriate candidate for vertebroplasty.