I suffer from breathing problem and it has caused me to restrict my physical activity. I also suffer from frequent coughingand frequent temporary cold. What is the solution to my problem?

Breathing problems. A few conditions can cause breathing problems that can restrict your daily activity. Asthma, copd, heart diseases, liver / kidney / thyroid diseases are the common causes and they are treated differently. Why don't you start with a doctor's visit to see how we can help?
Asthma. It certainly sounds as though you have asthma, probably following a viral upper respiratory infection, your 'frequent colds'.With asthma your shortnes of breath and coughing can very from day to day. See your physician and have your heart and lungs checked out. Breathing tests, and, asthma is very treatable with inhalers and oral meds.
Asthma? You may have chronic asthmatic bronchitis. Your solution is to see your doctor and be treated properly. Please also understand that you may need to be seen likely on several occasions by your doctor to find right medications and assure that your problem is under control. Please remember there is no magic bullets or magic recipies in medicine.