Sprained ankle 3 weeks ago still swollen and in pain is this normal in recovery? Have been using the price method and keeping it wrapped in banadge

Ankle Sprain. Not unusual to have it last 3 weeks, may last as long as 6-8 weeks if bad enough sprain. Some times sprains are significant enough to cause instability of the ankle. Physical therapy can help with the functional recovery from your ankle sprain and help prevent future sprains. Continue your current conservative care. Add range of motion exercises. If difficult in couple weeks get evaluated.
Yes. Soft tissue injuries can take a long time to heal. Ankle sprains can result in torn ligaments. When ligaments heal the scar tissue is not as strong as the tissues before tearing and may be longer allowing the joint to gothrough a greater range of motion.
Consult your doctor. It is common for one to experience pain for several months following an ankle injury. Ankle braces and aircasts may be of benefit in the initial phase to help immobilize and support the area. Later on, the ankle will need range of motion exercises to improve strengthening. Consult your physician to see if physical therapy is right foot you.