I have a blister like bump on the side of my foot that is the size of a pea that is soar what could it be...My boyfriend says scabies?

Pressure. A pressure spot from rubbing wrong like on shoes or flip flops . Leave it alone and it will heal and dry up by itself. Do not poi or take the top off .
Blister. If its filled with clear or slightly yellow liquid get a sterile needle a open it to drain. Leave roof intact and cover with neosporin and bandaid.
Could be many . Things. Could be a blister from a shoe rubbing, without seeing can't really make a diagnosis. If there is only one blister you can with a sterile instrument drain it and out antibiotic ointment and a bandaid. If other lesions arise or if it does not improve see a doctor.
A wart? Its not scabies. The skin on the side of the foot is probably too hard for scabies to penetrate. Scabies usually leaves a trail of nodules as it burrows underneath the skin.