One of my eyes get blurry. A silver like blindness and afterward a headache?

Occipital migraine. Seems typical for an occipital (or visual) migraine. In this condition 1/2 of the visual field of each eye is affected (not one eye alone). The next time this happens cover one eye and then the other and you should notice it in both eyes. These are usually infrequent, benign, and short lived. Headache is not common but can occur. Check with a neuro-ophthalmologist if persistent.
Ophthalmic migraines. You are suffering from classic ophthalmic migraines, that usually last 15-20 minutes and are associated with shimmering lights, jagged edged lights, blurry vision or loss of vision. Usually they are not accompanied by a headache. No treatment is indicated. This is a benign condition.