How long does it take for a brain tumor to grow large?

Brain tumor. This is an extremely complex question. Brain tumors come in many different types and based on the cell origin can be extremely slow growing taking years to become large and symptomatic versus the more malignant which can double in size in a matter of months.
Depends. For more benign tumors such as meningioma, many years. For malignant brain tumors such as glioblastoma, a few months.

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How long is it supposed to it take for a brain tumor to grow and cause symptoms?

Depends on type. The type and grade of the tumor will determine the growth rate. If the brain tumor is benign, it may grow slowly for months to years before causing symptoms (ie. Meningioma). If the tumor is malignant or aggressive, it will grow rapidly over about 6-12 weeks. Manifestation of symptoms depends on location. If it is adjacent to areas that control movement or speech, the symptoms are seen sooner. Read more...

How long does it take on average for a brain tumor to grow? Years? Months? Days? Mri over about 13 months ago was normal.

Variable. Different type of tumors have different growth rates. If MRI was normal about a year ago, unless there has been a drastic change in symptoms, it is unlikely that you have a brain tumor. For good health - Have a diet rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, milk and milk products, nuts, beans, legumes, lentils and small amounts of lean meats. Avoid saturated fats. Exercise at least 150 minutes/week and increase the intensity of exercise gradually. Do not use tobacco, alcohol, weed or street drugs in any form. Drink enough water daily so that your urine is mostly colorless. Practice safe sex. Read more...