I have foot drop (not ms), it seems to get better, then worse, then better, is that the normal recovery? (b 12 deficiency/neuropathy)

Unpredictable. Neuropathy presenting itself like that tends to go either way -- good days that seem to be improving and then a slump. Finding the cause of the dropfoot is important - is it nerve compression, nerve damage, etc. It is unpredictable and difficult to treat. Protecting yourself for if the foot fails (drops) with some form of afo may be needed. Something to consider.
Neuropathy. Foot drop recovery may or may not be steady. Although, i would not expect it to get better and then worse, but it may get better and then stall or not get better significantly for a while and then improve faster again.
Nominal course. Yes, your symptoms can fluctuate as you improve. You could objectify by getting nerve conduction testing, but your doctors can assist by followup exams. Key issue is re-innervation, and B-12 shots will enhance. You might benefit from a medical food, MetanX.