How do u feel after a heart attack. Like when u wake up the next day. How do u feel? Would u have weakness? Head pressure? Brain fog?

Heart attack. You could feel fine the next am or you could be dead. You could feel virtually anything in between. If you get to medical care quickly with the heart attack you have a good chance of feeling pretty well pretty rapidly depending on many factors.
Full range. From normal to dead and any variety between, depends on pre mi status and degree if damage and treatments.

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How does anxiety cause brain fog, lightheaded feeling/faint feeling? Always assumed it was more of heart attack feeling. Dont have fast heart/breaths.

Possible & rule out. Anxiety certainly can cause lightheaded/faint feelings, but you also want to make sure there is not a physical explanation that has not been addressed. If you have not discussed your symptoms with your primary care doctor, I recommend you do that to make sure something isn't being ignored. In addition, pay attention to the situations in which these symptoms occur for clues to possible triggers. Read more...