Skin turning black on hand swelling and pain?

Go to the ED now. A doctor needs to evaluate for infection or necrotizing fasciitis. Perhaps it's just a bruise, but that is not something i can tell from your description.
Black skin. Not a good sign, call your doctor immediately, there is either an infection or a circulation problem. Don't sit on it!

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Experiencing hand pain, hand swelling, hand tingling and warm skin on the back of my hand. Also itchy but no rash. Display photo is of hand

See a MD ASAP. what does the palm side of your hand looks like, any skin break or trauma there? How long ago is the pain redness and swelling? hours? Days? Any infection in the hand can be a serious situation. Did you recently 1) punch someone in the mouth, 2) get bit by human, dog or cat, handle raw fish? I recommend seeing a doctor with expertise in hand surgery ASAP. OR at min evaluated by an ER doctor. Read more...
Hand pain. Great way to send picture. But can't seem to zoom in. What sort of work do you do? Exposed to chemicals in work or do you have to wear gloves you sweat in for work? Read more...