I need a pediatrician to tell me what to do about neonatal jaundice. Mainly how can it be prevented.?

It can't. Neonatal jaundice is a normal event. It peaks between days three and five and is not always a problem that needs to be treated. That is why we like to see babies within three days after discharge.Putting newborns in the sun does help reduce/prevent it...Put a newborn in a window where the sun comes through and is warm -naked except for a diaper and the sunlight helps "break up the jaundice" (more).
Jaundice. About 75% of newborns become clinically jaundiced. This is called "physiologic jaundice" and is due to high hematocrit levels in an newborn. There is also ABO incompatibility jaundice. It can be treated with phototherapy lights. Below is a good reference. http://www.ecureme.com/emyhealth/pediatrics/physiologic_jaundice.asp.
It"s normal in most! Most jaundice requires no treatment. Unless there is ABO or rh blood group incompatibility most newborn jaundice is called physiological jaundice. There are conditions that can complicate this. Poor feeding any bruising under the scalp and prematurity are some examples.It can be treated with special lights. Ensuring good feeding and monitoring the bilirubin level are important.
Discuss with your dr. Jaundice is nothing to fear. Once you understand it is a normal occurrence and have some information it is easy to treat if it needs treatment. Not every baby with jaundice needs phototherapy. Your doc can also provide more info that will be reassuring and helpful to you.
..More info. You can also have a baby in direct sunlight when it is warm for three to five minutes at a time (do not want them to burn). If formula fed, that also helps reduce jaundice. If breast feeding you have the option of giving a little formula in the first three days as well. It interrupts the cycle. This is not necessary in a breast fed baby..It is just an option! jaundice is nothing to fear.

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What can I do to prevent neonatal jaundice?

You don't. This is a transient issue with as many as a 3rd of newborns. It is usually mild and self corrects. Have the OB monitor your pregnancy and deal with issues like rh disease that would be a problem, and take the Rhogam injection if needed.Other influences can be managed at the time between you and your pediatrician.Needs vary with each individual case. Read more...

How do you prevent neonatal jaundice from happening?

Jaundice. Neonatal jaundice is a normal occurrence in newborns. It is harmless and resolves spontaneously within a week. Although prevention is not necessary, making sure the baby feeds well and is hydrated will help eliminate the meconium within the first few days of life will help make the jaundice less intense. Read more...

How do you prevent neonatal jaundice? My two boys had it at birth, now am getting due to having the third one and am a bit worried?

Need for Rx varies. Nn jaundice is a routine event in newborns as babies system starts catching up to work mom's body did before birth.Intensity varies [email protected] low levels can be ignored.As levels go up, depending on babies other issues it can become toxic .Many treatments are available.The worst cases are related to rh disease, which is now prevented by rhogam.There are no other preventive measures I am aware of. Read more...
Workup/Management. A family history of jaundice at birth and prematurity are risk factors. If the birth is at term, 37 weeks gestational; age or more, then the likelihood of jaundice is less. Keeping the baby well hydrated with regular feedings is also part of the management. Read more...