Just diagnosed with kawasaki disease. Had many questions on the way home but doctor is gone now. Can you tell me about the condition?

Multiorgan disease. Children less than 5 years of age , first described in japan, of un known cause, affecting multiple organ systems( mucocutaneous, lymphatic, coronary artery of the heart, hospital admission and early institution of treatement is imperative. Parents should be adviced to continue low dose Aspirin until coronary artery abnormalities is resolved. Serial echocardiograms are needed.
Autoimmune. I'm assuming that your child was diagnosed, as it's seen most often under the age of 5. Characterized by fever >5 days, rash, peeling lips, inflamed eyes, and peeling hands/feet/diaper area. If treated promptly, there aren't any real problems. If there is a delay, there can be coronary artery issues. Treatment is always in hospital, so i'm not sure why you're headed home.