How to heal a burnt face faster, by using a toothpaste? I have no money to buy expensive ointments, anitibiotics or any medicines. Please help me.

Natural remedies. Use natural remedies that you probably have already at home. You can use chamomile tea compresses that will calm down the skin. Not sure how severe the burn is, but stay away of make up, and creams that have many chemicals a additives. Chamomile tea compresses can be used cold or room temperature, apply on the skin for 15 min. Rinse and apply moisturizer that you know does not irritate your skin.
Try Vitamin E. You can buy vitamin e gel-tabs and poke a hole in them in order to extrude the ointment to place on burnt areas. You can buy them from a drugstore. They are fairly inexpensive, and unless you have an allergy to any of the ingredients in them, they should be harmless. Aloe straight from an aloe plant leaf is also a natural healer, but some people have allergies to it.
It Won't Work. Toothpaste is not a 'cure-all' for skin lesions, including pimples and burned skin... It is gritty, made to clean teeth, and is not formulated for healing external skin problems. You don't need to by anything expensive... Ask your pharmacist for their best, otc lotion or ointment for your problem. Toothpaste may exacerbate your condition and then you will be worse off.