Can you drink alcohol while taking methotrexate?

I would not .... Recommend this for two reasons. The first is that mtx is hepatotoxic, and coincident alcohol and mtx ingestion could theoretically damage the liver. The second reason is ethanol is a diuretic (it makes you urinate) and is relatively dehydrating. Dehydration in the setting of Methotrexate could exacerbate hepatic and renal toxicity of mtx, not to mention its other ses (hair loss, mucositis, etc.).
Bad idea. Bad idea. Methotrexate's most serious toxicity is to the liver. You don't want to add alcohol. There's no guarantee it'll cause any problems, but do you really want to risk it? Unless your physician tell you it's okay, don't do it.

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Is it okay to drink alcohol while taking Methotrexate the same day (injection)? Also, can you drink while taking Humira (adalimumab)? I have JRA also.

Depends. cannot say in your particular case, but generally, there isn't that strong of an interaction. Main issue is if it is enough alcohol to directly cause serious harm (ulcer, seizures, pancreatitis, hospitalization). The RA drugs will complicate the issue. One drink. no, not an issue. Read more...

Is it safe to drink alcohol with subcutaneous methotrexate? What is the average dose of sq methotrexate when taken with humira (adalimumab) for ra?

No. Alcohol use when used with low dose Methotrexate can and has lead to liver failure and the need for a liver transplant. The amount of alcohol that can do this is different depending on other diseases a person has (hepatitis) , meds they are on, and their genetics.So unless you want to flirt with disaster, no amount of alcohol should be considered "safe". Absolutely ask your doctor before drinking. Read more...