How do I know I have it band syndrome? I experience sore hips and can't sit indian style for the life of me.

Bursitis. This may be trochanteric bursitis and tendinitis of the gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. The it band is in this region but less involved at this location. The it band is most commonly irritated on the outside aspect of the knee. If pain is on the front of the hips, then arthritis and cartilage problems in the hip joint have to be considered.
Press on the band! Start at the hip bone and run your finger down towards your knee. If it is much more sensitive (painful) down that path than anywhere else on your thigh, then you have itb. Other things can cause hip pain, though, so if it is not sore/tender here, you should see someone. If you are young, a couple of other things might cause this. Try massage, heat, arnica (gel or cream, not pills), analgesics.