My pet peeve is when someone uses a term then does not explain it. What is inguinal hernia?

Bulge in groin. A hernia is a hole in the abdominal wall thru which the inner lining of the abdominal cavity can protrude through and create a sac. This manifests itself as a bulge that can often hurt with exertion. The most common location for a man to have a hernia is in the groin region; we call these inguinal hernias. These may be easily repaired via outpatient surgery if they are large or symptomatic.
Groin hernia. An inguinal hernia is a groin hernia. They are common in males and can present as a discomfort or swelling in the groin region.
Wall weakness. Inguinal refers to "groin" so inguinal hernia is a hernia in the groin. In adults, usually caused by weakness in abdominal/groin wall so that abdominal contents can poke through. Can be painful. Dangerous if a piece of bowel gets trapped ("incarcerated") inside and can't escape. Can also congenital (inherited) type in children which can go through to scrotum. All can be surgically repaired.