Is there more than one good way to treat puncture wound on the face?

Get seen ASAP. Without more info it is impossible to give detailed instructions...However puncture wounds can be serious, don't overlook them. They can cause infection, including tetanus, and/or cause damage to deeper structures.
Puncture wound. There is more than one way to treat a puncture wound, depending on the wound. Treatment for a puncture wound includes wound irrigation, wound cleansing, and exploration of the wound. Additional treatment may include removal of a wound foreign body, wound repair or antibiotics. A severe puncture wound may require surgery to repair damaged tissue. I strongly suggest you schedule a consultation wi.
It depends. There are a lot of things to consider such as the size of the puncture wound and whether it is clean or not. In many cases it would be best to let it heal and revise later if needed. Often it will heal well if it is a small puncture.
Yes. Depending on the cause, depth, size, and potential contamination of the wound, punctures injuries may be treated by local cleansing, removal of any contaminants, removal of damaged or crushed tissues. Sometimes mds will leave the site open to prevent trapping bacteria or non-vital tissues. Closure is sometimes possible. Important to have a doctor evaluate and guide in all penetrating punctures.