Does a intermittent body twitching for several months a symptoms of brain tumor or seizure or by now other serious symptoms like numbness must occur

?Seizures? I'm not sure what you are describing as intermittent body twitching, but perhaps these are seizures. If they are, then they might indeed be an indication of a brain tumor. However they don't sound like typical seizures and might be something else, related to another type of brain disease. See your doctors and have a thorough neurological workup.
Ask your doctor. Twitching could be a brain tumor yes but that's probably the bad thing infections nutrition deficiencies fatigue nervousness nerve compression and on and on check with your doctor soon.

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I have random body twitching from over 7 months can that be a symptom of a brain tumor I don't have any weakness or numbness or memory loss im 27?

Brain tumor unlikely. However more information is needed to evaluate you, including a detailed history, physical examination and may be lab tests. It would be prudent to see your doctor as not much more can be done in this forum. Read more...