Is iron good for sickle cell patients?

No. No. Iron therapy is not recommended in sickle cell disease unless the patient is also iron deficient. Most people with sickle cell disease absorb iron very efficiently (better than people with a normal hemoglobin), and blood transfusions can further increase the iron levels. Many of the patients actually need to take medications to decrease their iron levels.
Probably not. Sickle cell patients are anemic because their red blood cells are destroyed earlier than normal red blood cells. Most sickle cell patients are not iron deficient because the body retains most iron from the destroyed cells and reuses the iron. Sickle cell patients that are bleeding can become iron deficient because they are losing the iron as they lose the red blood. Too much iron is unhealthy.
No. Sickle cell patients do have adequate iron. Majority require folio acid supplements. Important to maintain adequate hydration to minimize sickling. Ensure immunization and pneumonia vaccine. Emotional health and good nutrition and minimizing infections will help improve quality of life. Remember auto splenectomy will increase risk of infections with encapsulated bacteria.F/u hematologist.